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Buy used MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches & Macs in the Grand Rapids area. We provide reliable, affordable iMacs, MacBooks and Apple devices! 

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Buy Refurbished Pre-Owned Macs

Buy used Macs, MacBooks, iPads & iPhones in Grand Rapids Michigan!

We truly enjoy Macs and MacBooks and we want you to do the same. If you've struggled in the PC world for a while, a Mac can bring a smile to your face every time you turn it on. We do our best to provide affordable Macs to help people enter into the Mac world with a device that's reliable and suits your budget.

If you own an Apple phone but don't have a Mac, you can save a lot of time moving files around. Mac devices sync seamlessly through the iCloud so that you can spend less time shuffling files around and more time getting things done and enjoying!

Our refurbished and used Macs are staged to have better than average performance and stress tested prior to sale. 

1 Year Warranty

Included with Macs purchased at $300 or more!

Upgraded Macs

Most of our Macs are upgraded for fast booting and excellent performance.

Thoroughly Tested

Any Mac sold by Grand Rapids Macs must first pass testing for Hardware, Software and Performance!

Iphones, ipads & apple watches

We are now stocking iPhones, iPads & iWatches

Looking to purchase a pre-owned iPhone, iPad or iWatch from a trusted seller? Grand Rapids Macs is now regularly stocking iPhones like the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, XS Max ,iPhone 11 & iPhone 12 so you can purchase a reliable phone that is unlocked and avoid purchasing a fake from a private seller!

Along with iPads and Apple Watches, we often stock chargers, adapters, Apple Pencils and more!

MacBooks & Macs 

Macbook pro 13/15

These are some of the best, most affordable and upgradeable Macs that Apple made. MacBook Pros are great for roughly 80% of Mac users. Repairs are rarely needed but very affordable. These MacBook Pros have BlueTooth, WebCam, DVD drive, and often have multiple USB ports and display ports.

Retina Macbook Pro 13/15

Retina MacBook Pros are more capable for heavier demands like video, music and graphic editing. They have multiple HDMI ports and USB 3.0 ports, High Definition Retina Displays, WebCam, BlueTooth & More.

Macbook & Macbook air

If you’re looking to get into a Mac laptop and explore the Mac world at an affordable price a Mac Air is a great way to do it. The Air is a great fit for the majority of users. They are an excellent for business, school, surfing the internet, and the majority of common tasks with a performance that's suitable for most users. The MacBook Air also features a slim and compact design.


iMacs are all-in-one desktop units that range in capability but generally are the most powerful of all Macs. 

Mac pro

Mac Pro's are potentially the most powerful of all Macs! Earlier versions of the Mac Pro actually allow more versatility to continue to adapt and upgrade to meet the demands of new technology and your needs! 

cash for macs

We Can Offer Cash for Broken MacBooks & Apple Products

If you're simply ready to move on to a different device or have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad or other Apple product that isn't working or running well, let us know the specs and condition of the MacBook or Apple Device along with some pictures and we will see if we can give you some cold hard cash for your Apple device!



What they say

Julia M

My experience here was fantastic! Super helpful, told him my needs and he gave me the best options to choose from. It was great! I highly recommend!

andrea s

I recently bought a Mac here and I love it. Works as if it was brand new. The owner has been super responsive and prompt to answer any of my questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend to others as well as purchase another with him in the future.

melby M

I was looking all over for a good iPad Pro because it’s become the place to find and buy used merchandise. However, when it comes to electronics especially computers and things like that it can be a little trickier In trusting what you’re getting. I came across Grand Rapids Macs and got in touch with Kevin and that ended my search. Kevin put me at ease, was obviously well knowledgeable and made me a good deal. I would highly recommend Grand Rapids Macs and I will be going back myself for a nice MacBook Pro in the future.

diane e

Kevin is kind, quick and goes above and beyond!!

james h

Here’s the thing: I am very stingy when it comes to giving reviews, as I want to highlight truly special businesses that are as dedicated to their craft as I am to mine. So after working with GR Macs extensively over the last month or so, I can 100% vouch for the quality of experience and expertise. As a seriously busy professional creative, I need my tech to work, especially now that I am doing for-hire livestreaming services, which requires certain specs. I was starting down the barrel of spending thousands of dollars on a new machine and did not know where to turn for a cost effective alternative. Kevin hooked me up with a killer machine that fit my use case for a more than reasonable price.

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