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Repairs for your MacBooks, iMacs and Apple Products

Apple, Mac & MacBook Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan!

Logic Board Repair - We repair logic boards NOT replace them!

Your Apple repair specialist. Do you have a Mac that has suffered from physical or liquid damage? or no longer powers on? Grand Rapids Macs is the specialist to get your Mac back to life at affordable pricing. We offer logic board repair to replace the components on your logic board rather than the entire board - this is a much cheaper solution. The average logic board repair for a Mac with liquid damage or not booting is around $195.

Battery, Keyboard, Display Replacements & More

We can also provide simple repairs such as battery replacement or hard drive replacement at very affordable rates. Other simple repairs include LCD/Screen replacement, keyboard replacements, logic board cleaning, and more.

If you have a hardware component to replace such as a screen or the entire keyboard, we have you covered. We will work with you to identify a solution that will best suit your budget whenever possible.

Grand Rapids Macs provides logic board repair and custom part sourcing to save you money!

Apple iPad and iPhone Repair

We can also provide repairs including screen & battery replacement,  logic repair, and more for your iPad or iPhone!

Repair Warranties

We stand behind our work. Components and work done related to logic repairs are warrantied for 6 months. Screens are warrantied based on the warranties provided by their manufacturer.

Thoroughly Tested

We take pride in our repairs and do our best to make sure issues are resolved. Any Mac repaired by Grand Rapids Macs will endure extensive testing for Hardware, Software and Performance  requirements before it's approved to be picked up!

Mac upgrades

Need your Apple device or Mac to do more?

Upgrade your iMac or MacBook to larger storage, more ram or a faster hard drive.

Is your used Mac slow or running out of space? We can assess your Mac to see what limitations or issues your device is experiencing. We then can identify what will best suit your needs and your budget.

Upgrades include hard drive replacement, RAM upgrades, operating system upgrades and more!

We are also usually able to get a slower Mac to perform much better at reasonable prices!

We also sell some accessories for your macs including hard shell cases, chargers and more.

Come see us for any and all of your Mac/Apple needs!