Motherboard repair | Gaming System Repair

Circuit Board and Gaming System Repair

Logic Board & Gaming System Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan!

Logic Board Repair - We repair circuit boards!

Have a device that was liquid damaged? We can fix that! Bring your device down and we will take a look. We service more than just Mac circuit boards. Have a damaged motherboard or a logic board from a gaming device, industrial equipment or other electronics? That may be fixable and for less than it would cost for you to have it replaced. 

Gaming System Repair - PS5, XBox and More

Have an issue with your Gaming System? Whether it's something as simple as a broken port or as complex as not turning on, we are your one stop solution for your Gaming System. Don't throw it out for something that we can fix for a low price.

Grand Rapids Macs provides logic board repair and custom part sourcing to save you money!

Repair Warranties

We stand behind our work. Components and work done related to logic repairs are warrantied for 6 months. Screens are warrantied based on the warranties provided by their manufacturer.

Thoroughly Tested

We take pride in our repairs and do our best to make sure issues are resolved. Any Mac repaired by Grand Rapids Macs will endure extensive testing for Hardware, Software and Performance  requirements before it's approved to be picked up!