Data Recovery

Data Recovery For All Your Computers, Phones, Tablets, Flash Drives and More

Data Recovery For all Your Devices

Data Recovery - Get your lost or damaged data back

We have partnered with SalvageData who have over 20 years in experience recovering data to help you get your data back. With a 97% success rate, they do in-lab recovery for Hard Drives, SSDs, Computers, Phones, External Drives, RAID arrays, Flash Drives, Memory Cards and more. They can also help you recover data infected with Malware.

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Certified Secure - You can trust them

SalvageData has been committed to safely and securely recovering your data, and have the certifications to show it. They are a Microsoft Trusted Partner, an Apple Independent Repair Provider, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, a GSA Contractor, A Privacy Shield Participent, BBB Accredited with an A+ rating, HIPPA Compliant, and more. Read more about their Awards and Credentials Here. You can also read customer testimonials Here.

Data Recovery Made Simple

To get started with the data recovery process, bring your damaged device to us and we will assess it. In some cases we will have the drive shipped out to our full service data recovery partner, Salvage Data. When Salvage Data receives the drive, they will determine if the data is recoverable and give a quote for how much it will cost. If you decide to not have your data recovered or they determine data recovery is not possible, they'll return your devices to you for no cost. They have a "No Data, No Charge" guarantee.

If you decide to have your data recovered they will use specialized equipment to get your data back. Once you confirm that all the data has been recovered, they will send the data back on a new device or upload it to a secure site where you can download it from.

Pricing is determined by the type of damage, complexity of the the recovery process and the urgency of the repair. Data recovery generally cost anywhere from $300 to well over $2000. Click Here to get a rough estimate of the cost.