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Our team will perform and extensive assessment of your company's situation and provide you with feedback on the most affordable options to suit your needs. 

Data Protection

Safeguard your sensitive information with extensive layers of security on all of your devices

Cyber Security

Prevent any firewall threats internally or externally using essential measures to protect your business


Our local skilled IT experts, assess your network needs to design, implement and manage  your business network for peak performance

Remote Service/Help Desk

24 hour availability offsite utilizing various communication channels such as phone, email, chat, or remote desktop software

Service Contracts

We provide specialized payment plans with guaranteed services, devices and support to meet your company's needs without breaking the bank

IT Consulting

We can help you determine the best path for using technology to grow/streamline your business or reduce costs

Your Local Source for Quality IT Support for Your Business


Who is in charge of your cyber security?

If you're not sure who is charge of your cyber security, or you don't have someone taking care of it, contact us and we can help you assess your situation get your business and data protected and prevent your network from being compromised!

protect your business and your data

Get affordable data protection for your business BEFORE it's too late!

  • Small businesses often have data that is vital for their continued success. 
  • Many small businesses DON'T have proper protection from internal and external threats to their data.

If you don't have current protections in place or you're unsure, please contact us so we can help you find affordable solutions to protect your data.

Apple Device Specialist

Not only can we support, repair and troubleshoot your PC, Windows and printers, you can count on the best support for your Apple devices from the local, top-rated Apple servicer.


Service You Can Trust

Nikki N

I decided to try this place when Apple quoted me $2000-3000 to fix my Mac book pro. The owner was able to fix my laptop for $225 and OVERNIGHT! Within 16 hours of dropping it off I received a call that it had been fixed. I recommend this place 110% could not have had a better experience!!!!!

diane e

Kevin is kind, quick and goes above and beyond!!

Julia M

My experience here was fantastic! Super helpful, told him my needs and he gave me the best options to choose from. It was great! I highly recommend!

andrea s

I recently bought a Mac here and I love it. Works as if it was brand new. The owner has been super responsive and prompt to answer any of my questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend to others as well as purchase another with him in the future.

melby M

I was looking all over for a good iPad Pro because it’s become the place to find and buy used merchandise. However, when it comes to electronics especially computers and things like that it can be a little trickier In trusting what you’re getting. I came across Grand Rapids Macs and got in touch with Kevin and that ended my search. Kevin put me at ease, was obviously well knowledgeable and made me a good deal. I would highly recommend Grand Rapids Macs and I will be going back myself for a nice MacBook Pro in the future.

james h

Here’s the thing: I am very stingy when it comes to giving reviews, as I want to highlight truly special businesses that are as dedicated to their craft as I am to mine. So after working with GR Macs extensively over the last month or so, I can 100% vouch for the quality of experience and expertise. GR Macs is a one stop shop for repairs, purchases, and advice that I now cannot do without. As a seriously busy professional creative, I need my tech to work, especially now that I am doing for-hire livestreaming services, which requires certain specs. I was starting down the barrel of spending thousands of dollars on a new machine and did not know where to turn for a cost effective alternative. Not only did Kevin hook me up with a killer machine that fit my use case for a more than reasonable price, he collaborated with me on the entire project; from the best iOS for my needs, to installing an upgraded hard drive. I was so pleased with this initial experience that I brought two of my other MacBooks in for repairs, which he totally delivered on. Honestly, Kevin’s service is above and beyond, which has been a major help and relief. I cannot recommend this business enough!

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